Sparkling points of light etch out blurry dates on brilliant, jewel-like fields of color. The Date/ Time photographs (2007-2017) ... Because we are told so little about these cryptic photographs, they become open fields for us to project meaning onto them. The elongated, somber 1918 seems to summon the final year of World War One; the gilded 1929 suggests the stock market crash that defines that year. How to construe the milky bleeding of 2001, or the cobalt lure of 1964? In this invitation to project - to connect what we see (in the photograph) with what we know (about the year depicted) - the border between what lies outside us (in the image) and what we draw from inside us (our associations) becomes as blurry as these dates. 

-Leora Maltz-Leca

Curator, Redwood Contemporary Arts Initiative

Associate Professor, Contemporary Art

History of Art & Visual Culture, RISD

All Images and Projects are Copyrighted , Kevin Dacey, 2017